Volunteers among doctors, psychiatrists, general helpers are most Welcome.

Feel free to drop them a line and ask how else you could contribute to the organisation.

We are also encouraging public (school, company and organization) to make a visit to our home to self experience the necessity in the hope for sustainable support to this kind of humanity infrastructure.

PJ Caring Home is seeking the following types of donations:

Help towards medication costs would greatly be appreciated. This is one of the expenses which have been growing in proportion to overall expenses of the Home, as price of medicine has been on the increase and steeply too.

The home appreciates donations towards the running expenses of the home and also gifts in kind.


Running expenses include:

  1. Monthly rental of 3 house RM 5500 per month
  2. Total electricity bill RM 1100 per month
  3. Total telephone bill RM 450 per month
  4. Salary for 11 staff amounting to RM 8000 per month
  5. Medical bills and medication amounting to RM 3000 per month
  6. There is also help needed to finance an additional car, monthly repayment to the bank is approx RM 430. The car is used to transport the patients around, to hospital checkups, etc.


Non-cash donations

Consumables like rice, salt, oil, sugar and toiletries like soap, shampoo, toothpaste, detergents are also much appreciated.

Cash donations are very welcomed

  1. Cheques Made Payable to: “PJ Caring Home”
  2. Bank details: RHB Bank 21403500119590 (Please call home to enquire/ inform of cash donations)