About Us


PJ Caring Home was founded by Mr Uthaya Perumal (Peru) in June 2002.

PJ Caring Home is a home for the mentally ill.

It is one of the first to adopt an open concept method ie allowing most patients to lead a life as ordinary as possible, encouraging interaction with society. Activities include short trips out to the shops and having a drink at the local coffee-shop.


Photo: Mr Peru (center) and patients at PJ Caring Home.


Mr Peru gained vast experience from working in other mental institutions.

His open concept method is based on the idea that mental illness is a sickness, not a disease, and therefore these patients should not be shunned or ridiculed by the public.

He hopes for an accepting caring public as the love, care and acceptance felt by the patients will have an immensely positive effect on their recovery

There are 107 patients at the home. The youngest patient is aged 17 years and the oldest is 87 years old.

They live in three houses, all within the PJ area. There is a Boys’ home, a Girls’ home and an Elderly’s Home.

(Photo) Front view of PJ Caring Home

The home is run by twelve full time staff who offer guidance and help. They drive the patients to the hospital for medical consultation, prepare meals, run daily errands, complete office tasks, as well as organise activities for the patients like gardening projects, classroom activities and games, exercise programs, and etc…

From time to time, PJ Caring Home also provide counselling programs, with help from other NGOs which specilized with professional counselors to help with the patients’ progress.